About Us

What is RealMoneyGames.co.za?

What is RealMoneyGames.co.za stands as a premier online gambling hub, specifically tailored for the African continent. This platform is the brainchild of a team of passionate Africans dedicated to showcasing the finest and most reliable land-based and online casinos, alongside other leading gambling venues and sectors, throughout Africa. Our team is united by a singular mission: to shine a spotlight on Africa’s burgeoning gambling industry.


Our Role and Activities

With a wealth of experience accumulated from years in the global online gambling sector, we have honed our focus on the African gaming landscape. Recognizing the potential in this emerging yet underexplored market, our aim is to introduce and promote ‘African-friendly’ gaming entities and operators. We keep a close watch on regions where online gambling is widespread, as well as areas witnessing the nascent stages of internet gaming.

At What is RealMoneyGames.co.za, we consider ourselves as explorers, informers, commentators, evaluators, and purveyors of all facets related to gambling in Africa. We’re always on the lookout for the latest developments and updates, continually expanding our repository of casino and game reviews with the newest offerings.

Above all, our goal is to offer you, the player, a secure, trustworthy, and up-to-date platform. This serves as your gateway to learn about and engage with various gambling sites that cater to African players.


Our Mission

  1. To establish ourselves as the definitive resource for all gambling-related information in Africa, encompassing news, opinions, analyses, listings, and recommendations.
  2. To serve as a facilitator between you, the player, and African-centric online or mobile gaming platforms, offering support whenever required.
  3. To ensure that every piece of information presented on our site undergoes meticulous scrutiny, guaranteeing its timeliness, relevance, and accuracy.